Need Help With Your Marriage? Consider Trying A Christian Workbook

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Marriage is no easy task, and any couple who has been married for any length of time will agree. Marriage takes work, and it requires a lot of patience and forgiveness. It also requires understanding that marriage is a commitment through both happy times and hard times. When hard times come into your marriage, it can test your commitment and make you question whether you really want to stay in your marriage or not. If you are in this season of life right now, you could benefit greatly from completing a Christian workbook designed to offer counseling for marriages.

How Workbooks Are Set Up

There are dozens of great Christian workbooks available for you to purchase from websites like, and you can find books on almost any subject. Marriage workbooks tend to be extremely popular, simply because every marriage has problems.

Many of these workbooks are set up in chapters by certain topics, and they are all designed to offer a Christian perspective on marriage and the problems couples encounter in marriage. The goal is to work through the chapters in the workbook. You can do this on your own if your spouse is not willing to, but they are often more effective when couples work through them together.

Before you begin working through a book, you might want to see what options are available. Some are designed to strengthen good marriages, while others are designed to help couples through a difficult event, such as a loss of a child or adultery. Some are designed just to help couples get through normal daily problems, such as arguing, lack of intimacy, or issues with differences in raising children.

What You Will Learn

Once you find a good Christian workbook to use, schedule time to work through it daily, whether this is alone or together with your spouse. You can start the time together in prayer, and then you can begin reading through the chapters.

You will likely need a Bible as you work through the pages, as Christian workbooks will typically refer to Bible passages in every chapter. Each chapter may focus on one specific Biblical principle, and there will be passages that correlate with this principle. Here are some of the principles your book may focus on:

  1. Marriage roles – A lot of Christian workbooks have a section on the roles of husbands and wives in marriage, and this is because a lot of conflicts in marriage arise when spouses do not understand their roles. Having a good understanding of God's plan for husbands and wives is often the best place to start when trying to solve marriage problems.
  2. The importance of love – The Bible focuses a lot on love and that love is the greatest principle in life, and this is something that you can apply in your marriage. Love requires putting your spouse first, and this too is a great principle to learn to help get through problems in your marriage.
  3. Steps to resolve conflict – Another good principle most marriage books emphasize involves the steps you must both take to resolve conflict. The book may help you learn the importance of listening and being patient during hard discussions. You may also learn more about God's ideas for solving problems.

Putting the principles you learn into practice may not be easy, and it might not come naturally. If you can slowly put them into practice, you might be able to resolve some of the conflicts you have in your marriage.

If you need help for your marriage, you can try using a Christian workbook, or you could consider contacting a center that offers counseling services for marriage.