Three Ways That Anger Can Negatively Affect A Relationship

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If you're an angry person, you may find that the presence of this emotion is affecting your relationship — and not for the better. The good news is that if you're aware enough to identify that your anger is an issue, you should be aware that counseling can help. While you can certainly consider individual therapy to deal with your anger issues, you might also wish to visit a marriage counselor with your spouse or significant other to work through your anger issues, while also giving him or her the chance to discuss how your anger makes him or her feel. There are many different ways that anger can affect a relationship — here are some examples.

Assigning Blame

When you're angry, you'll often be unable to take responsibility for situations that go awry, and, in many cases, you may immediately blame your spouse. For example, if your child falls off his or her bicycle, you may get angry, and then look for a way to pin the situation on your spouse. You could scold him or her for not watching your child more carefully or not enforcing the use of more protective gear. Constantly blaming your spouse for things that aren't his or her fault because of your anger can negatively impact the relationship.

Scaring Your Spouse

People who have explosive tempers are often intimidating to be around. Even if you aren't physically violent to your spouse, he or she may always be living under the fear that your anger will eventually boil over and reach that point. Yelling, stomping around the house, and even punching walls or throwing objects can all contribute to make your spouse feel uncomfortable and downright scared for his or her safety.

Creating Distance

The most successful relationships are those in which both partners feel close to one another. However, when you have anger issues, you may find that you're creating distance between you and your significant other. It can be difficult to get close to someone who is angry because there's always an underlying fear that he or she will explode and ruin what could otherwise be a pleasant moment. When distance becomes a reality in your relationship, many undesirable consequences can occur. For example, your partner may be compelled to cheat because he or she no longer feels a close bond with you.

Fortunately, attending marriage counseling sessions can be valuable for helping you to work through your anger issue. Visit counseling offices like Andrea Brandt Therapy for more guidance.