Living The Best Life: LGBT Affirming Therapy And Your Mental Health

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Whether you are just coming out as an LGBT individual or you don't feel comfortable in society and are looking for support, LGBT-affirming therapy services can give you the confidence you need to live your best life. Becoming your authentic self is not a simple process for most people. If you are gender fluid, or you are questioning your sexual identity, you can receive therapy without fear of discrimination. The goal of the therapy is not to change your mind and make you straight. The point of this type of therapy is to provide you the space you need to work through your concerns and to help you feel empowered about who you are as a person.

Therapy Without Discrimination

It's not easy to reach out to a therapist when you aren't sure how they are going to handle your LGBT status. Discrimination is still common in society, and LGBT individuals often struggle with this as they try to navigate the mental health system. When you work with a therapist that specializes in LGBT-affirming therapy, you will know that you are in a safe space to discuss your sexual identity, gender, and issues that have come up because of your status.

Beyond Tolerance Therapy When You are a Minority

People who are not straight do not want to simply be tolerated in therapy. LGBT-affirming therapists are trained in the differences between gender identity, sexual identity, and gender expression. They become well-versed in the language used to express differences in how people affirm their own identities and are receptive to new ideas. Choosing therapy with an affirming therapist will offer you more than tolerance. It is therapy to affirm who you are as an LGBT individual and allows you to confirm how you want to express your gender identity. It can be confusing to figure out your feelings and who you are as a person. Going to LGBT-affirming therapy makes this easier.

LGBT individuals seek therapy at a rate higher than straight individuals. It's not easy to live a life where you don't feel the right gender or you are attracted to people of the same gender. With the right support in place through LGBT-affirming therapy, it becomes possible to figure out your gender expression, to learn about sexual identity, and to learn self-acceptance throughout the process. Through positive therapy experiences, LGBT individuals can have a better understanding of who they are as a person.