4 Benefits Of Group Detox Treatment Over Individual Treatment

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If you have been struggling with addiction and have decided to enter a drug detox program, you have an important choice to make. You can choose an individual detox program, or you can enroll in a group program. Although individual programs are best for some people, for example, those with a lot of social anxiety, group therapy does tend to be the better choice for many patients. Here's why.

1. The attention is not all on you.

When you are beginning to undergo detox and treatment, you will often feel very self-conscious. You will learn to work through this self-consciousness and feel better about yourself as therapy goes on, but this takes time. In an individual program, having all of the attention on you can make this self-consciousness worse. In a group program, however, the attention of the therapists and doctors will be divided between you and other patients. This can make you feel less like the center of attention, which can help you relax and better take in the treatment.

2. You can share your experiences with others.

Going through detox is a process you can only fully understand once you've been through it. When you go through detox with a group, there will be other people there with you who fully understand you. It can be really helpful to chat about your feelings and experiences with these people. You'll feel understood in a way you may not feel as understood if you were only to talk to your family and friends who haven't been through detox.

3. Group activities can be really helpful.

When you have other people going through detox and treatment with you, the therapists and doctors can use group activities to help you cope and learn. For example, they might set up role-playing activities to help you work through scenarios in which you might be pressured to start using again. They may have you interview each other, share experiences related to a certain topic, and more.

4. You'll have friends to turn to later on.

When you go through something as challenging as detox together, you become bonded. The people in treatment with you — at least some of them — are going to become your friends. This means you will have people to turn to and rely on later when you are back out in the real world and facing the challenges that come after detox.

Group detox can be a really smart choice for patients. Reach out to a treatment center near you to learn more about group drug detox treatment.