What Is Relapse Prevention Training In Drug Addiction Treatment?

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Drug addiction treatment helps people who struggle with addictions to all types of drugs, and you can attend in several ways. Many people choose outpatient treatment services to avoid having to stay at the facility for weeks or months. During your treatment, you will learn many things, including relapse prevention training. This aspect of addiction treatment is extremely valuable, and here are a few things to understand about outpatient drug addiction treatments.

The Main Objective of Relapse Prevention Training

Relapse prevention training is a subject that facilities teach to help addicts stay clean. Getting clean by attending rehab is difficult, but staying clean can be even more challenging. Rehabs help people get clean, but they also help people learn how to stay clean. Learning the proper techniques for staying clean is vital after attending rehab. If you do not learn these things, you will have a harder time staying clean. Therefore, rehabs focus a lot of attention on helping addicts learn how to prevent relapsing.

Factors that Increase Relapsing After Treatment

As you receive relapse prevention training, you will learn some of the factors that increase the potential to relapse. One factor is the places you go. After getting clean, you might need to change where you go. You will not be able to hang out in the same places if you want to avoid relapsing.

The second factor is people. After treatment, you might need to adjust your friend group. If you have friends that use drugs, you will have to avoid them.

The third factor is triggers. What causes you to want to use drugs? Is it sadness, isolation, loneliness, or boredom? These are common feelings and emotions that trigger recovering addicts to go back to drugs.

Important Steps You Can Take to Prevent Relapsing

Everyone is different, and a drug addiction treatment facility will help you create a unique plan for you to stay clean. The plan might include getting a job to keep you busy and away from people you once hung around. It might also include moving to a new home. Another great step is having a sponsor or accountability partner to talk to each day to help you stay on the right path.

If you need help with drug addiction, outpatient treatment might be right for you. You can learn more by contacting a treatment facility of your choice. If you have any questions or need help, call a center today.